By car

By car to Kemijärvi

The town of Kemijärvi is located at the junction of the country road 82 and the E63. Driving allows many different route choices and especially in summer, and for a leisurely moment, we recommend arriving in Kemijärvi via the Luusua-Auttinkönskoe scenic route, for example.

Or how about giving yourself a rest and taking advantage of the car train to arrive?
For more information about the car trains to Kemijärvi, visit VR’s website.

Distances to Kemijärvi:

Helsinki 892 km
Turku 903 km
Tampere 760 km
Joensuu 598 km
Oulu 288 km
Rovaniemi 86 km
Kuusamo 140 km
Salla 65 km

Charging points for electric cars

The number of charging points for electric cars has also increased in Kemijärvi over the past year:

Culture Centre P-Place, Hietaniemenkatu 1
The P-site of the Cultural Centre is equipped with a charging point operated by NEVE, which uses 75 kW of power.

Hotel Mestarin Kievari, Kirkkokatu 9
Two Type 2 charging points with fixed cable. For hotel and restaurant customers only. Charging points in the backyard of the hotel.

K – Supermarket, Kirkkokatu 5

Tokmanni, Seminaarinkatu 2-4
Four charging points.

Tapionniemi Village Manor, Sodankyläntie 2331
In the summer of 2023, Tapionniemi Kyläkartano will have its own charging point in its yard. You can find it at Plugit, 22 kW.