Kemijärvi attractions

Find the perfect place to relax

You might not immediately believe that Lapland has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. The first thing you think of when you think of Lapland is the fells and hiking trails, not lounging on the beaches. Kemijärvi is located on the lakes of Lapland and the town centre is beautifully situated surrounded by water bodies. The absolute attraction of Kemijärvi in summer is the lake itself with its sandy beaches. Here you will find the coordinates for the perfect leisure experience. The sandy beach invites you to clink glasses with friends in the summer sunshine and the nearby beaches offer breathtaking views every day of the year. The local sunset is best enjoyed from the very edge of the pier.

Kemijärvi’s great beaches

Lake Pöyliöjärvi beach

Pöyliöjärvi beach is located in the centre of Kemijärvi, within walking distance of the campsite and shops.

The sun shines on the beach all day long and the summer café serves customers daily. The beach is shallow, but deepens quickly. It is easy to swim from the long jetty. The beach has a volleyball court and changing rooms. Swimming and canoeing are popular pastimes on Lake Pöyliöjärvi.

Kalkonniemi beach

Kalkonniemi sandy beach, located just over 10 kilometres from the centre of Kemijärvi, is certainly one of the finest beaches in Lapland. It’s a great place to spend a summer day with the family. Kalkonniemi is suitable for swimming and hiking for the whole family, with a changing room, barbecue shelter, chalk pond and toilets. There might even be something for geocachers here.

The long sandy beaches of Ailanka

For those seeking a peaceful wilderness atmosphere, the sandy beaches of Ailanka offer the best. The grasslands and heaths are a testament to their beauty. There is a fireplace on the Ailanka Bay side and it is a short walk from the car park. The distance from Kemijärvi to the beaches of Ailanka is about 37 km, part of which is on a sandy road.

Juuvaara hiking trail

The Juuvaara hiking trail on Lake Juujärvi offers truly beautiful scenery to admire. The level of difficulty on the route is demanding, although long poles have been built to cross the rocky outcrops. The length of the trail is about 1 km. The trail offers a magnificent view over the Kemijoki River and the village of Juujärvi on the other side of the river. This landscape has been selected as a nationally significant landscape area in 2021.

Räisälä Ferry

The only unique ferry in Lapland is worth hopping on board in Räisälä. Räisälä Ferry was voted the best ferry in Finland in 2017. For many, a ride on the ferry is a memorable experience, while admiring the beautiful surrounding Kemijärvi waterways and dangers. Suomutunturi can be seen in the background to the east. In winter, the experience is different when you can drive along the ice road. Both are special experiences for many tourists.

Kotavaara observation tower

The popular tourist attraction Kotavaara observation tower is located 7 km from the centre of Kemijärvi. The climb is rewarded with a magnificent view of Kemijärvi and the Kemijoki River. To the north you can see Pyhätunturi (Pyhä-Luosto National Park) and to the east Suomutunturi.

From the Kotavaara car park, it is a steep walk of about 400 metres to the top of Kotavaara. At the top of Kotavaara is a three-storey metal observation tower, which you can climb at your own risk. From the tower you can also observe birdlife and see cranes, for example. You can also see the grey partridge and other woodland birds in the surrounding area. There is also a shelter and a campfire site next to the tower. A great destination in summer and winter. It’s easy to get here and the views are stunning!


Situated on the border of the Arctic Circle, Suomu invites you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities all year round. Suomu is a great place to shoot in summer and winter. A night on top of the fells in the summer is a unique experience for many. In winter, the aurora borealis create a magical atmosphere in the northern skies. The diverse nature of the area gives photographers a great opportunity to express themselves and their moods.