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Get your Stay in Lapland, Kujala ranch

Get the real farm experience in Lapland!

There’s more to Lapland than husky safaris, reindeer rides or snowmobiles. For those who are interested in authentic Lapland, silence, relaxation, nature and good hiking, Kujala Ranch is the right choice.

Just 100 kilometres from Rovaniemi Airport, in Kemijärvi Luusua, is a new destination for travellers and tour operators looking for authentic experiences. Kujala Farm is a unique destination that combines Lapland culture in many ways, offering visitors a special touch of the past.

What makes Kujala special is its well-preserved cultural heritage. The oldest building, the Old Side, built in the 19th century, has been decorated with respect for the history of the farm. The objects on display have been used on this particular farm. Three of the farm’s ten buildings have been converted into exhibition and function rooms, allowing visitors to experience the farm’s history in a unique way. Visitors can really feel the romance of a bygone era.

The farm’s culinary speciality is a menu based on a recipe card from the 1940s. A three-course meal can be included in a visit to the farm, using ingredients grown on the farm, picked from the forest and sourced from local farms.

As is typical of a farm, Kujala also has animals. Visitors have the opportunity to observe them up close. The animals are gentle and also like to be petted and offered treats by guests. During the winter the animals are kept indoors, but when spring comes they are allowed to graze and roam freely on the farm. Visitors are given the opportunity to get to know the animals at close quarters in a safe way at all times of the year.

+358 (0)40 514 5000
Neitijärventie 110, Luusua, Kemijärvi

Tapionniemi Village Manor

Discover local village life by staying in an idyllic former school, built in 1932, in what are now the apartments of the Village Manor. There are also caravan car parks for short-term overnight stays, and two electric car charging points.

Tapionniemi Village Manor rents out the former teacher’s house Impin hov and a smaller apartment Hilja’s chamber to tourists via Airbnb. Tapionniemi Kyläkartano (village hall) is run and owned by Tapionniemi Kyläseura ry. There is also a smaller room (former classroom) Risto’s cottage available for rent directly through the village association. Risto’s room has beds for four people. The toilets in Hilja’s chamber and Risto’s cabin are downstairs. There is also a common shower room for all guests downstairs.

The Village Hall is a venue for various events, celebrations and functions. Contact us and we’ll see how we can help you make your wishes come true.

A Matkaparkki has also now been opened in Tapionniemi for caravan use. There are 5 parking spaces for short-term overnight stays. Reservations are made via the Matkaparkki.com app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone from app stores. The nightly price includes parking, clean water and an outdoor shower. There is a playground for children, and about 500m from the Kemijoki River there is a pier and a shed. For a small extra fee, you can also book a shower, a sauna, a laundry area and a barbecue hut.

On the Matkaparkki website, you can make a reservation for a place without electricity here
On the Matkaparkki website, you can make a reservation for an electric parking space here

There is now an electric car charging point for two cars, Plugit, 22 kW, in the yard of Tapionniemi Kyläkartano.

Tapionniemi Village Association
+358 (0)40 963 8000
Sodankyläntie 2331, 98350 Tapionniemi


Matkatupa is a peaceful place to stay on the southern shore of beautiful and fishy Kemijärvi. Accommodation in holiday apartments and log cabins. Good beaches, fishing waters and marshland. Free use of rowing boats for guests. State hunting grounds nearby. Matkatupa is a neat and peaceful place to stay on the southern shore of beautiful and fishy Kemijärvi. Accommodation is available at affordable prices for tourists and business groups in sauna-like holiday apartments, 2 h+k+s, with all amenities.

Additional accommodation is available on the beach in log cabins, without facilities, with their own courtyard and separate sauna building. A rowing boat is available. The cottages are suitable for tourists, fishermen and other nature lovers.

State hunting grounds, fishing waters and marshes are also nearby.


  • In the immediate vicinity of the site
  • General child-friendly beach
  • Barbecue hut
  • Boat/one-berth
  • Boat landing place
  • Nature trail with geocaches

Inquiries and Reservations in advance directly from Matkatuva

+358(0)405 788 795
Luusuantie 2661, 98230 Luusua