Where to stay

Kemijärvi offers accommodation in the fells, villages and town. Stay in a natural setting or in a hotel, holiday cottage or Finland’s most beautiful camping area right by the water. There are many atmospheric and natural accommodation solutions to choose from. Kemijärvi is beachfront accommodation in the heart of the most beautiful Lapland.

Where and how to stay

where to stay in Kemijärvi

Welcome to Finland to spend the summer relaxing and enjoying the peace of nature. Here you can samba, cycle or just spend a stress-free holiday. The area offers a wide variety of holiday homes of all types and standards. Check out Suomu Cottages’ wide range of 73 cottages of different levels. Nature Stayn has five holiday homes for rent, or use Varaamokki.com to find the perfect property for you. If hotel accommodation seems like a good option, book a room at Hotel Suomutunturi The hotel rooms have a truly luxurious atmosphere! And best of all, the view of the fells is right outside the window.

summer city beckons

Stay by the water in the middle of Lake Kemijärvi. Hotel Uitonniemi’s location facing north towards the Kemijoki River, offers a magnificent view of the midnight sun. Or stay in Lapland Arctic Cabin cottages on the shores of Lake Pöyliöjärvi. The adjacent Lohen Lomakeskus also offers stunning views directly over the lake.

If you prefer hotel accommodation, choose Hotel Mestarin Kievari or Hotel Kemijärvi. Mestarin Kievari restaurant is known for its excellent lunch and Hotel Kemijärvi for its delicious breakfast.