Programme services

Programme services in Kemijärvi

Hemmula Livestock Farm

Come to Hemmula to experience fun moments with different animals. Here you can experience husky safaris led by wonderful huskies. In the yard you can also get to know reindeer, donkeys, mules, sheep, horses and even birds. There’s a hut on the grounds for snoozing. We organise the excursions according to your wishes. There are also horseback riding, horse massage and boat trips.

By appointment
Minna Ruopsa, +358 (0) 44 278 7085
Narkiperäntie 473, 98100 Kemijärvi

Outinen Riding Centre

Outinen ratsastuskeskus

At the Outinen Riding Centre you can experience how wonderful and calm riding companions Finnish horses are. These reliable friends will give you an unforgettable experience whether you are an experienced rider or a newcomer. Guided by the owner Mia Lappalainen, it’s easy to go out and try cross-country riding or practice it in a riding lesson. Take a moment for yourself and discover our unhurried, happy and animal-loving way of life. You are welcome to join us as if you were in a second home and enjoy the company of our noble animals.

Outinen Riding Centre
Mia Lappalainen, +358 (0) 40 963 9807
Sodankyläntie 1007, 98100 Kemijärvi, Finland
Instagram Outisen ratsastuskeskus


Karin laavu

Kari, the host of the place, offers wilderness and fishing program services, snowshoe hiking and rental equipment for self-movement. Kari’s place is located only 5 minutes drive from the centre of Kemijärvi, on the shore of Lake Pöyliöjärvi in Kiviniemi. The area has two lavas, a 100-year-old smoke sauna and an equipment rental shop. It’s easy to go with Kari on a guided snowshoe walk or, as a great fisherman, he’ll guide you on a fishing trip. With this guy the stories don’t end!

A variety of equipment is available for rent, including SUP boats, fishing equipment, a tent, a rowing boat and a canoe. In winter, you can rent cross-country and downhill skis, snowshoes, sledges, snowshoeing equipment, etc.

Kari Lukkarinen, +358 (0) 400 157 737
Kiviniementie 14, 98120 Kemijärvi


Jänkäkoiran kalastusretki

Jänkäkoira is a fishing tourism company located along the five-lane road in the former school in the village of Vuostimo in Kemijärvi. River Kemijoki, Finland’s largest river, flows about 400 metres from the school. The area is known for its large pike of up to 15 kg. We also organise tailor-made fishing trips to Salla’s Naruska and Savukoski’s Kairijoki for trout and grayling.

Juhani “Junnu” Korpela is in charge of guiding the tours and English is also available as a guide language.

Juhani Korpela,
+358 (0) 50 541 2877
Opintie 17, 98360 Vuostimo

Get your stay in Lapland

Kujala Ranch, livestock farm, silence and forest retreats, sauna, boat and fishing trips, snowshoeing and wool sock walking.
+358 (0) 40 514 5000
Neitijärventie 110, Luusua, Kemijärvi

Pyhä Safaris

Pyhä-Safaris kalastusretki

Welcome to Lapland to experience memorable sledding safaris, fast-paced ice karting, and beautiful scenery.
Whether you’re ready to get your groove on in the snowy wilderness of Lapland or seek peace and quiet on a relaxing evening safari. If you have a bit of an adventurous spirit and a need to relax you’ve come to the right place. We can arrange a memorable winter adventure for you or your group to the snow-covered hills and plains.

Our safari house is located in the centre of Pyhätunturi, only about 45min drive from Kemijärvi.
In winter our office is open from 1.12-15.4, Monday to Saturday 10-16. Guided tours are also possible at other times.

Our services include snowmobile and winter equipment rentals, guided snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing and ice karting competitions. In summer our programmes include boat trips and fishing trips with a qualified fishing guide (casting from the boat, fly fishing on the river).

Pyhä Safaris
+358 (0) 40 778 9106
Sädetie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi


At Ikivalkea, we believe in the power of the mind-body-nature connection as a pillar of holistic wellbeing. In addition to short courses and events, we plan weekend retreats and longer holiday programmes in collaboration with our accommodation partners.

Our programme services are built around the following elements, according to the wishes of the group:

  • sensory, stillness and imagery exercises indoors and in nature
  • yoga and meditation exercises
  • mindfulness lectures
  • deep retreats
  • empowering nature photography
  • energy healing and imagery journeys to support the healing process
+358 (0) 40 539 7505

Suomu Safaris

Hotel Suomutunturi safari services offer experiences for the winter traveller.

From adrenaline-fuelled adventures to peaceful explorations, Snowy Peaks offers unforgettable experiences for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Join the Snowmobile Safari and experience exciting rides on snow-covered trails to the top of Suomu, Käsmäjoki or Vilmavaara.

Reindeer Rides are a journey into the snowy forests guided by majestic reindeer, and Dog Sled Adventures take you through snowy terrain with energetic dogs.

Ice fishing allows you to learn fishing techniques on frozen lakes, where you can also experience the open water experience and venture into the cold waters for a refreshing thrill and later experience authentic Finnish sauna culture.

Want something more relaxed and at your own pace? Ski trails glide through picturesque snow-covered routes, or snowshoe adventures offer the chance to explore remote snowscapes and spot wildlife.

Hotel Suomutunturi
Kotakuja 1, 98720 Suomutunturi
+358 207 199 120

Nature Stay

All our trips in Finland’s pure nature are second to none. We are the experts in excursions for families and groups in our own familiar cottage locations. The highest quality equipment, familiar locations and our own, working equipment and seamless cooperation network with local experts, excellent picnic and campfire sites, that’s the guarantee of our success. We offer the following excursions: wildlife tours, husky trips, snowmobile tours, self-guided tours, fishing, mushroom picking and berry picking.

Eija Tamminen
+358 (0) 50 466 33 12

Sielun Kaiku

Sielun Kaiku ohjelmat

Sielunkaiku offers relaxing forest bathing and wilderness hikes in the beautiful landscapes of Kemijärvi. You can come for an open forest bathing class or hike, or book your own tailor-made excursion! Forest bathing is a conscious presence in nature and exploring nature with all your senses. Let nature nurture you!

Services: forest sowing, wilderness excursions

Anna Latvakoski
+358 (0) 400 254 207

Crossfit Kemijärvi


Do you want to continue exercising during your holidays or even when you’re working remotely? Kemijärvi has an active CrossFit gym at the Särkikangas sports hall. If you are not familiar with the sport, you can also learn more about it here.

CrossFit is a form of exercise and sport, now known as crossfit. It developed over a long period of time under the guidance of coach Greg Classman. CrossFit (“cross training”) is a way of practising the skills needed for sport, exercise and everyday life in as many different ways as possible. That is, instead of just training individual muscles, crossfit involves movements and movements that emphasise the natural range of motion of the human body. Get in touch and give it a try!

Särkeläntie 8-10, 98120 Kemijärvi, Finland
+358 (0) 40 418 119

Equipment Rental

Cross-country skiing equipment, sliding boots, snowshoes, outdoor equipment, snowshoeing equipment
Kiviniementie 14, 98120 Kemijärvi
+358 (0)400 157 737
Sielun Kaiku
Camping equipment
+358 (0)40 025 4207

Hotel Suomutunturi
Downhill and cross-country skiing equipment, accessories, snowshoes
Kotakuja 1, 98720 Suomutunturi
+358 207 199 110
Move Lapland
+358 (0) 40 440 2808
Suomun Mökit
Electric mountain and fat bikes, SUP boards
+358 (0)400 358 557
Central Rental Pyhähippu
Electric mountain bikes, electric dirt bikes
+358 (0)16 882 820
Freetime Rentals
Electric bicycles, multi-trailer, SUP boards
Vaaratie 6, 98100 Kemijärvi
+358 (0)40 837 0542
Santa´s Little Village/ Hotel Uitonniemi
e-FatBikes, SUP boards, rowing boat, water jet, snowshoes.
Uitonniementie 1, 98100 Kemijärvi
+358 (0)41 317 8893
from 1.6 +358 (0)50 564 7962
Pyhä Safaris
Snowmobiles, electric fatbikes, snowshoes and sliding boots, winter equipment, boat and canoes, sup-boards
Sädetie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi
p. +358 (0) 778 9106