See and feel

The happiness of Kemijärvi lies in its pure nature, silence and everyday life, where you have time to focus on what matters most. Toes in the water at the dock, the gentle breeze of a canoe trip, a creaky snow under your skis or a steamy dip in the lake straight from the sauna – in Kemijärvi, happiness comes naturally.

fells and wilderness

In Kemijärvi you will find not only water bodies, but also dunes, fells and wilderness for the true lover of Lapland’s nature. Cycle in the varied terrain, ski on the ice or photograph the most spectacular sunset of the year. Kemijärvi is in the middle of the Arctic Circle and just a stone’s throw from the most spectacular fells such as Pyhä, Luosto, Suomu, Salla and Riisitunturi. In these landscapes, every day of the year is more alive.

Beautiful water bodies

Who would have thought that Finland’s northernmost city would have the most beautiful beaches in the country? The clear waters of Kemijärvi invite you to refresh yourself and may well take the heart away from the unwary visitor. Camp by the water or spend your holiday on the pier. We invite you to the village to experience culture and set the table with the bounty of the wilderness. You won’t find a more spectacular landscape anywhere else.