Activities offered by Kemijärvi

Downhill skiing

The ski resorts of Suomu and Pyhätunturi offer their services less than an hour’s drive from the centre of Kemijärvi. Both ski resorts have a ski school, which offers instruction for beginners and more experienced skiers alike.

Suomutunturi has 10 long slopes with excellent profiles, located in the Arctic Circle about 42 kilometres from the centre of Kemijärvi. The north side of Suomu attracts experienced skiers with its black and red slopes. The good profile and skiability of the slopes offer enjoyable challenges from start to finish. Beginners and skiers are best suited to the front slopes of the ski centre and the east side, where skiing is leisurely in the shelter of the pine forest, sheltered from the winds of the fells.

Suomu Ski School offers lessons and experiences for skiers of all ages and levels. You can learn a new sport safely under the guidance of an instructor. Even experienced skiers will find new insights and tips to make their hobby more fun.

The lift station in eastern Suomu has a cosy, sheltered shelter for baking sausages and resting your body after a hard day’s skiing.

Coastal map

The Pyhä ski and ski resort located in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, has been a pilgrimage destination for passionate skiers and skiers since the 1960s. Pyhä is a versatile but compact and unhurried ski resort, with slopes that challenge experienced skiers and offer beginners a springboard to a new hobby.

Cross-country skiing

In the vicinity of Kemijärvi city centre, cross-country skiers are served by a well-maintained network of trails.
For up-to-date maintenance information on the trails, see this map

The starting point of the Peurakankaan ski trails is about 4 km from the centre along the Sodankyläntie (about 800 m from the junction of Rovaniementie and Sodankyläntie on the left side of the road in the direction of Sodankylä). The route options are 5, 10 and 15 km. The tracks are suitable for both classic and free skiing. The tracks are not lit. There is a fireplace along the 5 km and 15 km tracks.

Pöyliövaara trails are 3 km and 5 km. The 1 km trail is lit. The illuminated track in Pitkävaara offers both classic and free style skiing. In summer, these Pöyliövaara-Pitkävaara trails, although demanding, are well suited to walking/running and jogging.

The 1.6 km Särkikangas trail is used for classic and free style skiing, and in summer for jogging, walking or pole walking.

Lake Pöyliöjärvi’s classic-style circular track, known locally as the Sun Trail, is 10.5 km long and is in use annually (depending on ice and weather conditions) from around mid-January to early April. The route is accessible from the P parking area of the Beach Pavilion next to the Cultural Centre, as well as from the Poukama swimming pool and the so-called Piller Beach, among others. The sun trail is also open to skiers with dogs.

In addition to Kemijärvi, skiing can also be enjoyed at the nearby ski resorts of Suomu and Pyhä.

Suomutunturi has 75 kilometres of cross-country ski trails with good profiles, 25 kilometres of which are lit. For up-to-date maintenance information on the trails, see this map

The Pyhä-Luosto National Park has over 150 kilometres of trails and the trails in Luosto and Pyhä are interconnected. A day trip from one fjord to the other is a pleasant experience for an experienced skier – the return trip can be made in the SkiBus if you wish. Most of the groomed runs are suitable for both classic and skating skiing. See the cross-country ski trails here

Well-being and physical activity

Ice rink Wirta-Areena
Kemijärven Kieko’s home ice rink was completed in 2001. It has four curling rinks. There is seating for 600 people. For more information click here

Sports hall
The Kemijärvi Sports Hall has facilities for a wide range of sports activities. It is also ideal for organising various events, such as concerts and sporting events. For more information, click here

SPA Swimming pool in Poukama
SPA Poukama is a place of recreation and pampering for the whole family. Under one roof you will find a pool, gym, sports facilities and café. Find out more here

Ahvensalmi Skateboard Park
Kemijärvi’s new skate park right in the centre of town, next to the Ahvensalmi field. It’s a great place to come to practice and skateboard with friends or on your own. The skate park was completed in September 2023 on the initiative of school children. Remember to follow the common rules of the skate park! Come and test it

Lifecycle Park
In the Lifecycle Park you can practise balance, coordination and strength training. Good exercise for everyone. The park is located right next to the city centre on the Luusuanti road, next to the Ahvensalmi field. The area has sports equipment for the elderly, a playground for children and a children’s sports park across the road at the Hillatie school Everything for everyone

Pöyliövaara sports area
The Pöyliövaara sports area is located about 1.5 km from the city centre in the direction of Ranua. The sports field has modern athletics facilities and a Saltex sand pitch in the central area of the field. The javelin and hammer throwing facilities are located on the adjacent gravel ball field.

In winter, the area is the starting point for the 1, 2, 3 and 5 km cross-country skiing trails and the Pöyliövaara-Pitkävaara illuminated trail, which is 8 km long.

In summer, these Pöyliövaara-Pitkävaara routes are well suited to walking/running and hiking, despite their difficulty.

The hockey rink is located right next to the maintenance building. The new-look Pöyliövaara fitness stairs are located in the immediate vicinity of the sports ground. Welcome to get fit

Hietaniemen frisbee golf course
In front of the library/cultural centre, in a scenic park, there is a 9-lane frisbee golf course. Use of the track is free of charge. The park course is suitable for beginners and seasoned players. Find out more about the track here

Kemijärvi frisbee golf course Pöyliövaara
The 18-hole frisbee golf course in Pöyliövaara, Kemijärvi. The starting point and map of the course can be found on the south side of the sports field. The track is a forest track and the terrain is hilly and has many elevation changes. The track is not maintained. The throwing areas have artificial turf and the baskets are DiscGolfPark baskets. Find out more about the course here

Vuostimo frisbee golf course
The 9-lane course is located on the west side of the E63 road in the village of Vuostimo, with the old school on the east side of the road. It is a forest track with a flat surface and a slight difference in elevation. Maintenance is carried out by a hundred women. Address: Sodankyläntie 3167-3174, 98360 Vuostimo. More information here

Lake Pöyliöjärvi beach
Pöyliöjärvi Beach is located in the centre of Kemijärvi, within walking distance of the campsite and shops. The sun shines on the beach all day long and a summer café serves customers daily. The beach is shallow, but deepens quickly. From the long jetty it is easy to take a dip. The beach has a volleyball court and changing rooms. Swimming and canoeing are popular pastimes on Lake Pöyliöjärvi.

Kalkonniemi beach
Kalkonniemi beach, located just over 10 kilometres from the centre of Kemijärvi, is certainly one of the finest beaches in Lapland. It’s a great place to spend a summer day with the family. Kalkonniemi is suitable for swimming and hiking for the whole family, with a changing room, barbecue shelter, chalk pond and toilets. There might even be something for geocachers here.

The long sandy beaches of Ailanka
For those seeking a tranquil wilderness atmosphere, the sandy beaches of Ailanka offer the best. The grasslands and sands are exotic in their beauty. There is a fireplace on the Ailanka Bay side and it is a short walk from the car park. The distance from Kemijärvi to the beaches of Ailanka is about 37 km, part of which is on a sandy road.

Swimming by the Kemijoki River
In Kostamo Kummunkylä you can swim in the refreshing Kemijoki River. The small beach has swimming booths and a place to swim, a chalk and a wooden pool. The beach is easy to get to, and it’s a nice place to stop for a break from paddling. There is also a concrete jetty for boats next to the beach. Coming from the Pyhä-Luosto area, you can drive to Kostamo either via the centre of Kemijärvi or from Pelkosenniemi over the bridge via Arvospuoli road..

Ice swimming

In Kemijärvi, the ice swimming area run by the Kemijärvi Latu Association is located on the shore of Lake Pöyliöjärvi behind the Poukama swimming pool and tennis courts. There are no saunas or showers in the changing rooms or at the open-air swimming area.

Contact details

Kemijärven latu ry
Värjärintie 6, 98100 Kemijärvi
+358 (0) 40 848 6778


Eastern Lapland offers a wide variety of water bodies for paddlers and most of them have been classified and mapped to international standards. The region’s paddling rivers are mostly easy and suitable for those with less paddling experience. Only the Naruskajoki in Salla has more demanding rapids. Mapped kayaking routes can be found throughout the area, but they are most abundant in the Savukoski and Salla areas.






With its large surface area (almost 230 km2), Lake Kemijärvi offers an excellent opportunity for anglers to fish for pike, pike perch and perch in both summer and winter.

Lake Kemijärvi is Finland’s 19th largest lake, into which Finland’s longest river, the Kemijoki, flows from the north and continues towards the sea. Smaller rivers also flow into Lake Kemijärvi. Lake Kemijärvi has relatively large ridges and numerous islands. The lake is regulated and has a regulation interval of seven metres. During the summer, the water level is at its upper limit, which is good for recreational use of the lake. There are numerous small lakes and a few slightly larger ones on the western side of the Kemijoki river basin. In the Kemijärvi area, the largest of the lakes flowing into the Kemijoki are the Javarusjoki and the Pyhäjoki.

Knowledgeable local fishing guides will show beginners and more experienced anglers alike the best fishing spots. Specialised fishing programme companies offer memorable fishing trips in Kemijärvi.

Buy fishing permits here

Kemijärvi Single Permit, covering the entire Kemijärvi main riverbed from Kemijärvi to Pelkosenniemi and southwards to Räisälä and Luusua. Buy a fishing card here


Hunting on state land: hunters in Northern Finland can hunt in their own municipality on areas managed by Metsähallitus after paying a game management fee. Metsähallitus always first assesses the extent of hunting in the municipality before deciding to sell hunting permits to hunters living in other municipalities. If you need permits for state-owned land, you can obtain them from the Special Permits service

  • You can obtain a hunting permit for the common forest area on the website.
  • Information about the guest permits of Kemijärvi hunting clubs can be found on the clubs’ websites.
  • Hunting seasons and restrictions on the website.
  • The fees for using the Peltojärvi shooting range, the contact person for booking matters and information on shooting test days can be found on the Kemijärvi rhy website


Kemijärvi has excellent opportunities for snowmobiling. There are about 200 km of maintained trails in the city, and you can also test/develop your riding skills and fitness on a cross-country track.

There are about 200 km of official snowmobile trails (pdf) maintained by the city of Kemijärvi. The snowmobile routes are marked and surfaced routes, maintained with snowmobile equipment. Signposting, bridges, road signs and other equipment are checked in the autumn and any deficiencies are corrected before the season starts.

The Pyhä route connects to the Pyhä-Luosto area and on to Sodankylä, Pelkosenniemi and Savukoski. The Suomu route connects to Salla and from there to Ruka and Kuusamo. The Rovaniemi route has connections to Rovaniemi.

The snowmobile route from the Rovaniemi border via the centre of Kemijärvi to Finland is part of the international White Sea Snowmobile Route, which starts in northern Sweden and runs through Finnish Lapland to Alakurtti in Russia.

For more information on safe snowmobiling, visit the Finnish Road Safety website. The guides from the Finnish Transport Insurance Centre can be downloaded below.

There are several places to take a break from the beaches of Kemijärvi and along the trails.

Kemijärvi Motorcycle Club maintains a cross track about 5 km from the centre of Kemijärvi on Luusuantiet towards Ranua. You can test your driving skills and fitness on the track! Kemijärven Moottorikerho has its own tamper to keep the track in good condition.

Guided safaris from Suomutunturi and Pyhätunturi

The routes can be found on the service.


Eastern Lapland’s diverse nature offers excellent opportunities for birdwatching and birdwatching. Large water bodies and the surrounding marshland make the area unique and birdwatching trails have been built in some of the best birding areas. The Eastern Lapland Bird Site Guide produced by the Eastern Lapland Watershed Tourism Productisation and Marketing Project, has compiled information on the most important bird sites throughout the region. The guide is intended for the general nature lover, the bird enthusiast and the tourist to provide basic information about the sites and to facilitate the planning of bird and nature trips.

Kalkiaisvuopaja Bird Tower

From Kemijärvi, drive towards Salla and turn left towards Pahkakummu (Pahkakummuntie). Continue for about 16 km. There is a sign next to the road to the bird tower and you can park your car in the small parking lot on the left side of the road.

It is about 400 metres walk from the P site to the bird tower. There are longitudinal trees in the marsh areas, so rubber boots are not needed in dry weather. The tower is in good condition and can accommodate up to 10 people at most. The tower is covered and has a table and benches. The tower has a good view of the Kalkiais River. From the tower you can see cranes, whooper swans, egrets and eider ducks. You can also see, for example, reed buntings and willow warblers. You can also see and hear a capercaillie in the area.

Kulmunginniemi Bird Tower

From Kemijärvi, drive along the Luusuantiet towards Ranua for about 31 kilometres, then turn left in the direction indicated by the signs for Kulmungi and Itäranta. Continue along Itärannantie for 900 metres, then turn left onto Kulmungintie. Continue along this road for 1.6 km, then turn left at the T-junction. The road runs along a narrow peninsula.

The bird tower is located next to the road on the left side of the road. The bird tower is not accessible, but Kulmunginniemi is also suitable for people with reduced mobility, as birdwatching is possible from ground level. There is also a shelter and a boat launch 150 metres from the bird tower. The tower is sturdy and in good condition, with a table and benches. The tower can accommodate ten people at a time. The view overlooks the water. You can see, among other things, a loon, a teal, various gulls, a swallow and various waterfowl, such as the mallard or the great egret.

Räisälä Bird Tower

From the tower you can see cranes and whooper swans, among others. In the Suomu River you can see, for example, aspen, taiga and mallard.
From Kemijärvi, drive towards Kuusamo for about 40 km, then turn right (Räisäläntie) towards Suomutunturi. Continue along Räisälänantie for 2.6 km. After the Suomu holiday centre, Vehontie turns right. Follow Vehontiet towards the beach.

After about 1.9 km, the road forks left. This road leads to the beach, which is 400 metres away. From the P-point it is a twenty-metre walk to the tower. The Suomutunturi bird tower is a well-maintained, covered tower overlooking the Suomu River. The tower can accommodate about ten people at a time. The tower has a table and chairs.