Welcome to kemijärvi

Kemijärvi is a small northern town, where the Arctic Circle runs along the peaceful lakeland of Lapland. Traffic jams do not reach here. In the open landscape, by the clear waters, happiness is a natural state of being. It reaches you unnoticed and brings a smile to your face.

We take you to the beaches of Happiness. In addition to the lakes, we take you to the forests, reserves and fells, which offer experiences and challenges in every season. We invite you to a village to experience culture and set the table with the bounty of the wilderness. After a day’s adventures are adventured, we’ll tuck you into bed in a place where traffic noise won’t disturb.

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Tourist information point

The City of Kemijärvi Service Point Sortteeri operates as a tourism InfoPoint during the opening hours of the Service Point at Vapaudenkatu 8, street level. There you will find Kemijärvi tourism brochures and maps. In addition, brochures are distributed at InfoPoint points in the city centre; in shops, ABC station, railway station, library and tourist businesses in the area.

By phone, email and social media Mon-Fri 9-15.30. Tel +358(0) 40 189 2050, email. info.visit@kemijarvi.fi

online brochures and maps

Welcome to Kemijärvi, Lapland’s Lake District! Have a look at the Discover Happy Beaches tourist service guide here. On the Kemijärvi-Suomutunturi map you will find the most important addresses and destinations on the Kemijärvi-Suomutunturi map Experience authentic local life in Kemijärvi villages. Get into the atmosphere of the villages here Happy Villages. Welcome to Shores of Happiness.