Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism in Kemijärvi

We in Kemijärvi want to be involved in the future development of responsible tourism in our region and we are aware of its importance! Susás Bistro is a good example of a company in our region that takes sustainable business into account. The company is a good example for other operators in the region who are starting or planning sustainable activities.

Susa’s Bistro at the forefront of responsible business practices

The charming and cosy Susa´s Bistro in the centre of Kemijärvi uses local and organic food as much as possible. Lamb, reindeer and fish are sourced from the local area, as well as plenty of pike from Lake Kemijärvi. The entrepreneur grows his own cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and pears in his own greenhouse. Turnips, berries and mushrooms are also sourced locally. Cooperation with local businesses is maximised. Pastries are produced by the company and the range of pastries is quite wide depending on the season. With the exception of doughnuts, which are bought from a local bakery.

The furniture in the café is made of wood. The materials are sourced from local entrepreneurs and shops. There are no textiles on the tables to minimise laundry. The flooring is tile, which is easy to keep clean. The selection of pastries in the café is moderately limited. But sufficient for the clientele.

The company’s values are ethics, reliability, honesty and authenticity. In its business strategy, it aims to operate as sustainably as possible.

As a customer, your attention will be drawn to the lunch service, which is priced according to weight. In this way, the company ensures that as little of the lunch as possible is wasted, because the customer only buys as much food as he eats. The idea is to buy what you use or eat. Customers enjoy their meals in ceramic containers. Disposable containers are not used except when serving takeaway food. In this case, ecoecho food packaging from Duni Ltd. is used, made from recycled materials with sustainability and the environment in mind. The same container, suitable for both hot and cold food.

Lunch is prepared in small batches to minimise waste. The self-service salad bar has small containers that can be replenished as needed. This ensures the freshness and shelf life of fresh produce and minimises waste. The company mainly prepares its own pastries and meals according to the lunch menu on a daily basis. The company has been recycling since it was founded.

When it comes to communication, the company thinks carefully about which marketing channels to use. Monitoring is done and analysed on an ongoing basis. The company has its own Facebook and Instagram pages, which are constantly updated. The entrepreneur conducts his own marketing research by constantly interviewing customers. Susa´s Bistro does a good and responsible job, which serves as a good example for other businesses and especially for customers.

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