Life is uncomplicated and so is food!

In Kemijärvi, both food and life should be uncomplicated. The best delicacies come from nearby: fish for the table straight from the beach, berries for the pie from the backyard.

Reindeer are also served here, but Kemijärvi is especially known for its large reindeer, which were feasted on in European courts as far back as the 1600s. Even if the ingredients are simple, the dish is rich in flavours: midnight sun, clean waters and endless wilderness. And if you want to gather around a campfire instead of a table, that’s fine too.

What Kemijärvi offers

local delicacies

Thinking about what you would like to bring back from Kemijärvi? Here are a few tips for you. Wild from Arctic marshmallows are very popular, even when roasted on a campfire. K- Supermarket’s garlic pickles are the talk of the town. Kiuaspulla’s traditional Kemijärvi 5-sakara tarts are always a popular souvenir.

Lake Kemijärvi has plenty of fish

Kemijärvi is renowned for its good pike fishing and has even been exported to the French court. We are pleased to have attracted professional fishermen to the area who catch pike, pike perch and perch. The Riekkoniemi fish hall is their base, where you can buy fish at an agreed time.