Local food and natural products

Natural product farms in Kemijärvi

The freshest food comes from nearby. Kemijärvi’s more delicious natural ingredients come directly from its waters and stems. It is renowned for its tasty pike, pike perch and perch that are sure to convince even the most experienced fisherman. The light of mid-summer brings clean wild food and tasty berries for the winter. In Kemijärvi, both food and life should be uncomplicated and natural.

Made in Kemijärvi

When you leave Kemijärvi, what do you take with you? Something authentic and local. Memories of unhurried moments, stories and views. The tastes and smells of the wilderness that will take you back to the beaches of Happiness.

The Made in Kemijärvi brand guarantees that the products have a home in Kemijärvi. Made in Kemijärvi products include a selection of the best natural products from Kemijärvi, as well as high-quality and distinctive services, including handicrafts. The brand is also a guarantee of local work and domestic quality.

Wild from Arctic

Lapland’s harsh growing conditions and mid-summer sunshine infuse berries and plants with unique aromas. They taste delicious in Wild from Arctic’s wonderful marshmallows, with colours and flavours straight from the forest. The range also includes flavoured salts and syrups and marmalade sweets. The products are available for sale in local shops and can be ordered directly from our online shop.

Sanna Jämsä; tel +358 (0) 40 354 8021

Riekkoniemi Fish Hall

Kemijärvi has commercially active professional fishermen from whom it is possible to buy fish raw materials for domestic use. The most popular product is boneless pike-perch, which is easy to make into tasty pike steaks. Easy, isn’t it! Also available are pike cubes and, depending on the catch, fillets of pike and pike-perch, among others. These products can be purchased directly from the fishmongers by order and reservation.

The Riekkonimen fish hall
Kalapolku 1, 98100 Kemijärvi, Finland
Jarmo Palojärvi
+358 (0) 50 512 3487

Reindeer meat producers:

Polar game

Northern nature offers delicacies all year round. Under the Polar Wild brand, we have gathered both year-round favourites and the best of the changing seasons. Cold water trout, reindeer in many forms, Lapland berries, mouth-watering pickled duck… What’s yours? Polar Wild is the choice of a lover of northern quality food.

HS Niemelä Oy
Hannu Niemelä
Kirkkokatu 5, 98100 Kemijärvi
+358 45 633 6724

Aitoporo Oy
Online shop: aitoporo.fi
Marko Kiviniemi
Tel. +358 (0)40 538 6224
PoroLappi Oy, Jukka Knuuti
Sysimiehentie 14, 98120 Kemijärvi
+358 (0)40 702 7801
+358 (0) 40 839 2301
Lauri Rytilahti
Tel. +358 (0)400 290 263
Erja Kaisanlahti
Tel. +358 40 822 1417
Pekka Kaisanlahti or Marjut Kaisanlahti
Tel. +358 (0)40 523 6230 or +358 (0)40 828 6114
Reindeer meat producers in Kemijärvi