Accessible tourism

Kemijärvi is developing attractions to serve people with reduced mobility.

Kuumalampi Park

From the centre of Kemijärvi, the park area is easy to find by following the signs to the marina. The Kuumalampi footpaths are ideal for family walks, scenic walks and birdwatching. The site is also suitable for families with children and people with reduced mobility, as it is close to the services of Kemijärvi town centre and the roads are in good condition.

Swimming pool SPA Poukama

The Kemijärvi swimming pool is very suitable for people with reduced mobility. The hall has therapy and swimming pools, as well as changing and shower/sauna facilities. The street-level gym is also suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Tapionniemi Village Manor

The old school in Tapionniemi village, now the Village Manor, serves a summer café and lunch also for people with reduced mobility. There is a ramp for people with reduced mobility next to the entrance. There is also a barbecue shelter in the courtyard of the Village Manor, which is freely and easily accessible and usable. There is no access for people with reduced mobility to the upper floor apartments. There is also a free-use shed and pier at the end of the Rantatantie in Tapionniemi village.

Village Oinas old school

In the yard of the old school in Oinas there is a shed, which can be reached by car.